HISTORY OF Sawing & Shearing Services

Our company was established in February of 1991 in Cicero, IL by Jack E. Sambo. Jack had always worked in the steel industry but had the dream of owning his own business. He took an early retirement from Ryerson Steel after 26 years of supervisory positions in the plants, purchased one saw, and one shear and rented out a 15,000 sq ft building.

Jack had a deep understanding of the need in the market for an outside steel fabricating shop in the Chicagoland area. Sawing and Shearing experienced an average growth rate of 20% per year. In March of 1996 Sawing and Shearing Services, bought a 56,000sq foot warehouse in Blue Island, IL and began to venture into the plate side of fabricating. We bought platesaws, milling machines, and a plateshear, and began to focus on a whole new market. The company was still in the sawing business, by 1999 we had over 10 saws running 3 shifts, but was now able to be more of a value added fabricating shop, doing 2 or more applications on one specific order.

In the year 2000, Sawing and Shearing Services had outgrown the 56,000 sq ft plant and put a 22,000 sq ft expansion onto the plant. In the fall of 2002 Jack handed over the operations of the company to his son Tony. Tony, along with the help of his sister Christine Sambo-Rios, has since brought Sawing and Shearing Services to a new level, implementing quality programs and being awarded work from the Department of Defense. Sawing and Shearing Services plans on continuing to grow and provide quality work for our customers for many years to come.