Sawing and shearing SERVICES

  • Plate Sawing: 5 plate saws with maximum thickness of 12” and maximum lengths of 288”
  • Sheet Shearing: ¼” thk x 144” Cincinnati
  • Plate Shearing: 1” x 144” Cincinnati and 5/8” x 240” Cincinnati
  • Milling: 4 milling machines with 69” x 260” max capacity
  • Sawing: 9 band saws with max size of 31.25" height and 37.5” width and 1 high speed saw that can cut up to 7" square material.
  • Tube Cutoff Machines: 2011 and 2015 Modern Servo Slide 8S they comes with a 24ft entrance table they are operated with an Allan Bradley view panel also equiped with Allan Bradley Compact logistic control.
  • Burning:
    • 3 burning machines with 10” x 168” x 720” max capacity
  • CNC Machining:
    • 4 Machining centers with 38” x 44” x 165.4” max capacity
  • Straightening: 150 ton Hannifin Hydraulic bar straightening press
  • Secondary processes: Drilling, tapping, chamfering, deburring, welding, beveling, punching, painting, any type of hand cleaning needed on oily/dirty parts.
  • Storage: 77,000sq ft under roof warehouse
  • Overhead Cranes: (1) 20ton, (4) 10 ton and (1) 5 ton.
  • Trucking
    • 20’ flatbed for pickup and delivery 13,000# max
    • 2006 Ford pick-up truck for smaller delivery needs
  • Our relationship with other fabricators allows us to do outsourcing for our customers.
  • Our friendly experienced staff is always ready to help with any customer requirements.We have a massive warehouse for steel storage. 20 ton crane, we can unload and hold for days, months, or years depending on your needs. We are equipped with huge cranes and other handling equipment that make any big job move smoothly! We also have the ability to load closed top shipping containers!

featured projects

  • Large Base Plate Fabrication:
    We are currently fabricating large base plates for one of our largest customers. Size range from 3.75” x 48” x 144” to 2.75” x 48” x 48. Plates are being flamecut to size from a 4” x 96” x 240” plates and then transfered to our vertical milling center were they are milled down to thickness and then holes drilled with 3.25” diameter drill holding a tolerance of plus/minus .005! Again, everything done in house at Sawing and Shearing Services, Inc.

  • Frag pump rough milling:
    Another one of our biggest milling jobs consists of milling a block of 23.75"thk X 26.50" X 246.125" down to 22.50"thk X 25.25" X 246.125".

  • We are currently fabricating Structual Tube A-500 material 8" X 6" X .25" X 63.25" were we cut a compound miter on one end.