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Large Base Plate Fabrication

We are currently fabricating large base plates for one of our largest customers. Size range from 3.75” x 48” x 144” to 2.75” x 48” x 48.

Plates are being flamecut to size from a 4” x 96” x 240” plates and then transferred to our vertical milling center where they are milled down to thickness and then holes drilled with 3.25” diameter drill holding a tolerance of plus/minus .005! Again, everything was done in-house at Sawing and Shearing Services, Inc.

Frag pump rough milling

Another one of our biggest milling jobs consists of milling a block of 23.75″thk X 26.50″ X 246.125″ down to 22.50″thk X 25.25″ X 246.125″.

Block 1
Photo 1

We are currently fabricating Structual Tube A-500 material 8" X 6" X .25" X 63.25" where we cut a compound miter on one end.