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Additional Services

Providing valuable services for our customers extends beyond steel fabrication which is why we’ve invested in additional resources to meet our customers’ needs.
Welding Shot 5

Secondary Processes

Sawing and Shearing Services is your one-stop-shop, providing all of your steel fabrication needs in one location with unmatched quality and efficiency. In addition to steel sawing and shearing, we also specialize in drilling, tapping, chamfering, deburring, welding, beveling, punching, and any additional cleaning needed on finished parts before being returned to each customer.

Shot Blasting

Gibson 6BB Tumble blast

  • The capacity of this machine is 37″ wide X 28″  diameter
  • Blaster will handle 6 cubic feet or 800 lbs
Gibson Tumble Blast

Why choose Sawing and Shearing Services?

We’ve been in the industry for over 30 years and have mastered steel fabrication.

We offer a wide variety of secondary services that provide cost advantages as well as peace of mind knowing everything will be taken care of by our experts before shipping back to you. Our Quality Management Program includes advanced staff training, detailed inspections, and strict adherence to standards, proving you can trust our team to fulfill or exceed your expectations with every order.

S S234

Cranes and trucks

Sawing and Shearing has six cranes with the ability to unload and move materials weighing up to 20 tons, a 20’ flatbed for local pickup and deliveries under 13,000 lbs, and a 2018 Ford pick-up truck for smaller delivery needs. We also offer 77,000 sq. ft. of warehouse storage to hold your products as long as you may need.

Do you have a metal fabrication project in mind?

Our team is committed to providing high-quality services that meet your steel fabrication needs. Whether you need sawing, shearing, or any other steel fabrication service — we can help!