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Quality & Safety

Our Quality Management Program is structured to guarantee customers receive the highest quality level of steel fabrication while maintaining both productivity and safety.

Since 1991, Sawing and Shearing Services has been committed to our customers, providing superior quality and customer satisfaction every step of the way.

Exceeding our customer’s satisfaction with every job continues to be a top priority.

Sawing and Shearing’s Quality Management Program was designed to guarantee customers receive the highest quality level of steel fabrication found in today’s market. Through staff training, detailed inspections, and over three decades of industry experience, we’ve developed a highly effective system to ensure your order is fabricated quickly and to your complete satisfaction.


Quality Control

Employee Quality

It is a group effort to ensure quality is maintained from start to finish. Our team of over fifty employees is not only responsible for operating machinery, but also communicating customer needs, supervising transportation and deliveries, and maintaining strong attention to detail. After completing extensive facility and safety training, our staff support quality assurance through every step of the fabrication process.

Detailed Inspection
From the day your steel arrives in our facility to the moment it’s packaged to be shipped, our focus is to be certain your order is completed to your exact specifications. Every order includes individual quality sheets that record dimensions and detailed inspections which are completed by our staff throughout the fabrication process, ensuring accuracy and eliminating room for error.
Business Experience

It is our years of experience as a trusted outside steel fabricator that can assure you the job will be done correctly. We have the capacity, expertise, and latest technology in steel fabrication to achieve and exceed the goals of your project. We make a point of truly understanding every customer’s requirements and delivering high-quality fabricated steel on time.


Safety is the first and foremost priority at Sawing and Shearing Services and we are committed to maintaining a safe work environment for our employees. No job or service is too important for us to ignore safety policies and risk the well-being of our staff.

We have implemented strict policies and procedures to ensure our employees feel comfortable and confident in the work they are doing.

We have implemented strict policies and procedures to ensure our employees feel comfortable and confident in the work they are doing. Staff are required to wear steel toe boots with metatarsal protection, safety goggles, and gloves that meet American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards at all times while on the shop floor.

Appropriate, fitted clothing is required for all employees operating machinery in addition to proper headgear and ear protection that meet OSHA’s standards. Safety policies are communicated clearly and regularly to all Sawing and Shearing Services staff through orientation training and routine safety meetings.


The world of steel continues evolving with new technology, customer needs, and safety guidelines. Sawing and Shearing Services is always looking into new ways in which safety can be improved on a daily basis, allowing our employees to have peace of mind while completing their work with minimal risk. We strive towards eliminating all accidents by continuously improving our safety procedures, completing monthly safety meetings with an outside company, investing in the best equipment, and scheduling ongoing safety training for all employees.

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Our Philosophy

Sawing and Shearing will strive for excellence in all endeavors and set goals to achieve customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to providing high-quality services to each of our clients, and the assurance their project is constructed to meet their highest expectations.

Open communication and a clear understanding of required quality standards between us and our client is essential. The quality process should focus on the prevention of errors and elimination of rework as well as on testing and inspection. And finally, client satisfaction is vital to both of our continued success.

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