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Laser Cutting

Fiber laser technology
  • High-speed cutting in a class of its own, 6 kilowatts of laser power.
  • Outstanding cutting performance for high parts output and excellent cutting quality with thin to medium sheet metal thicknesses
  • Wide range of applications. In addition to steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, non-ferrous metals can also be processed with excellent quality
  • High ease-of-use and intuitive process control enable a fast access to fiber laser technology

Laser Cutting Machine

BySmart Fiber laser with 72” x 144” table. 6000kh

  • Steel (max. cutting sheet thickness) 1.18”
  • Stainless steel (max. cutting sheet thickness) 1.18”
  • Aluminum (max. cutting sheet thickness) 1.18”
  • Brass (max. cuttable sheet thickness) 0.59”
  • Copper (max. cuttable sheet thickness) 0.47”

Our Quality Management Program is aimed at providing the highest quality level of steel fabricating found in today's market.

Sawing and Shearing Service’s commitment to customer satisfaction and quality includes the implementation of a Quality Management Program. Sawing and Shearing’s overriding objective is to fulfill or exceed our customer’s expectations. Achieving our customer’s satisfaction with every job is Sawing and Shearing’s top priority. Our Quality Management Program is aimed at providing just this; the highest quality level of steel fabricating found in today’s market.

Quality Min
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Employee Quality

After completing extensive facility and safety training, Sawing and Shearing’s employees support quality assurance through every step of the fabrication process.

Detailed Inspection

Our employees complete detailed inspections throughout the fabrication process, ensuring accuracy and eliminating room for error.

Business Experience

It is our years of experience as a trusted outside steel fabricator that can assure you the job will be done right by Sawing and Shearing Services.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality services to each of our clients, and the assurance their project is constructed to meet their highest expectations.

Open communication and a clear understanding of required quality standards between us and our client is essential. The quality process should focus on prevention of errors and elimination of rework as well as on testing and inspection. And finally, client satisfaction is vital to both of our continued success.